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Picasso Digital is one stop shop for hospitality industry

Most hotels know that the right Property Management System can help elevate your premises, providing guests with an enhanced, more satisfying experience. Not all PMS platforms are the same though and it’s the “behind the scenes” add-ons that really differentiate one system from another.

AK Techotel develops, sells, teaches and supports IT solutions for hotels, inns, conference centres, hotel chains and restaurants. Picasso Digital is the most used PMS system In Northern Europe.

“Picasso Digital handle all data for hotels, conferences, meetings, CRM, channel managers and online booking in one system! It’s what you can do with that data that differentiates the PMS from other platforms. Rather than going to a third party, you can promote your online prices and sell rooms, directly through the customer’s internet search. You’re bypassing that third party and saving yourself the 15% commission in the process,” said Alistair Brown, National Sales Manager at AK Techotel Ltd.

Picasso also allows for the same system to be used for reservations and for the bar and restaurant. “If you’re a manager walking through the bar and you want to check your reservations, you can use the till from behind the bar itself. The accounting staff can follow transactions from restaurants in the same budget as the hotel or conference and at the end of the day, transfer debtor and accounting to your ERP system. It’s a really useful add-on and one that’s definitely of interest to hotels of all sizes.”

Picasso’s different modules are scalable for hotels of all sizes. Mona – Your Digital assistant, was developed in response to Covid-19 and has been given to users free of charge until the end of the pandemic. “Mona allows the guest to visit the hotel under Covid-19 guidelines. No physical contact is required at all; the system contacts the guest on behalf of the hotel, it emails and sends SMS’ confirmations, it allows booking from a mobile and it even produces a key for guests,” said Alistair. In fact Mona – Your digital assistant, does most of the reception work including mobile check-in, checkout, splitting bills, setting payment and mailing bills.


For more information Contact:           Alistair Brown +353 96 22907    or email [email protected]