O3 Sanitise Solutions Supporting the Hospitality Sector
Don’t just clean it – sanitise it!

03 Sanitise Solutions was established with the hospitality sector in mind and given the current complexities within the industry is well positioned to help during this Covid crisis.
O3 Sanitise Solutions Ltd is spear headed by Fran Boxall who has over 30 years’ experience working with in the business environment. Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic Fran observed that Ozone generators were being used with great effect to sanitise & deodorise hotel rooms in the USA & UK for many years.
As a result of researching the industry, he and his team found that no one had really used this type of equipment to sanitise key areas of hotels and restaurants within the hospitality sector here in Ireland.
O3 Sanitise Solutions are tested and fully certified medical grade portable devices that produce ozone gas. Ozone gas purifies the air and surfaces quickly, ensuring that all surfaces are sanitised and safe for both customers and staff.
Ozone is a bi-product of oxygen (O2) the air we breathe, which when you pass a small electrical charge through oxygen it creates ozone (O3) – very like a lightning strike creates ozone. As ozone is an unstable gas it naturally wants to dissolve back into oxygen.
Ozone is nature’s way of disinfecting. The World Health Organisation recognises ozone as one of the strongest oxidants and disinfectants known to man ranking ahead of hydrogen peroxide and bleach and as the most efficient disinfectant against all types of microorganisms. Ozone has been proven to destroy SARS, Norovirus, Salmonella, Legionella & MRSA and many others.
The real beauty of ozone is that it works on all surfaces and soft furnishings, from floors and carpets to walls and wall fixtures to ceilings and air conditioning systems within rooms. It is also completely safe to use with electrical equipment such as Tv’s, remote controls etc. Not only does it sanitise but also removes odours such as stale food smells and smoking and can also halt mould and mildew problems. Together with the destruction of dust mites, bed bugs, fly’s, cockroaches and insects, It will even repel rodents.
As there are no harsh chemicals or liquids required for the operation of our unit, it is very cost effective to operate and is part of our “Green Technology Initiative” therefore safeguarding the environment. A standard bedroom & en-suite can be sanitised within 20 minutes.
One of the first things that a guest will identify when entering into a hotel room or restaurant is the level of cleanliness and hygiene. As each bedroom is sanitised between guests or restaurant at the end of the day, ozone removes the smell and microbial discharge of the previous guests, recreating a fresh, deeply deodorised and above all decontaminated room, ready to host your new guests.
Sanitising with ozone contributes to the health and safety in workplaces HACCP L.155/2007
Louis Pasteur is quoted as saying “The air that we breathe contains most of our diseases. When in contact with ozone, microbes are burned, and toxins destroyed”
O3 Sanitise Solutions look forward to helping everyone in the hospitality industry re-open and run their businesses safely, enhancing the levels of health and safety to both their guests and staff members alike.
We believe that being able to advertise that hotel rooms and restaurants are sanitised between guests in this way is a massive positive for everyone in hospitality, therefore increasing customer confidence in the commitment to sanitising and thus increasing occupancy.
Also, in a growing campaign with all hotels, guesthouses and restaurants, O3 sanitise Solutions also provides the non-contact Xenon Fever Defence temperature screening solution, which uses facial recognition to read a person’s core body temperature in under a second, ideally for guests and /or staff.
Once the non-invasive screening takes place either a green for go or red for alert light is visible along with audible directions and warnings. These messages can be customisable. As each unit is fully GDPR compliant, each log of entrants can easily be viewed for record or verification purposes. In the event that someone should present with an above normal temperature, not only will the warning voice command sound and red light flash – but a message will be sent to the administrator/reception notifying them of this occurrence so that the necessary action can be taken.
Call our hot line now (01) 4903237 or email [email protected] for your free evaluation by our trained personnel who are only too happy to recommend a suitable solution for your business. In an effort to minimise the cost impact on struggling businesses, O3 Sanitise Solutions has partnered with a leading finance company in an effort to ensure a cost-effective, 100% tax deductible option for all clients with easy monthly payments.