Deep RiverRock proudly marks its one-year anniversary as the number one impulse water brand on the island of Ireland. NielsenIQ’s February Value Sales Report confirms this, reinforcing Deep RiverRock’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Deep RiverRock’s rise to the top of the Irish water market has been nothing short of remarkable. For three consecutive years, the brand has experienced month on month value share growth. Sourced beneath the glacial hill of Co. Antrim, the brand has continued to be the number 1 brand for sustainable on-the-go consumption, with the bottles being both 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled materials.

The success continues with Deep RiverRock Flavoured Water paving its own way in the flavoured water category, maintaining its number 1 spot this year as the number one flavoured water brand across the island of Ireland. Initially launched in 2006, the brand was an innovator in the category delivering a range of flavoured drinks that were ‘sugar free with no calories’.  In 2021 the brand was revitalised in response to the more health-conscious consumer needs, offering an ‘Immune System’ range which featured new fruity flavours with added benefits of vitamin B6 and zinc. Boasting 4 delicious flavours; Watermelon & Peach, Apple & Pear, Tropical, and Mandarin, these fruity drinks come in portable 750ml sports bottles for easy on-the-go hydration.  Deep RiverRock Flavoured Water, alongside Deep RiverRock ViTAL which was successfully launched in 2022, demonstrate the brand’s continuous commitment to innovating and responding to needs of the consumer and the market.

Shane McQuaid, Brands Marketing Manager, shares his excitement: “We are so unbelievably proud to retain the number one spot this year as Ireland’s most popular impulse water brand as well as the number one flavoured water brand. The flavoured water category has been a huge focus for us. The innovative range has become the driving force contributing 63% of the category value growth in 2023. Deep RiverRock has been dedicated to innovation in products and sustainability across all business operations. Looking forward, we have extremely exciting plans for Deep RiverRock and the development of the portfolio.”