Floritz is a glamorous new destination restaurant in the handsome dining-room on the hall floor level at 22 St. Stephen’s Green.

The man who first built the house at this address in 1790 was an adventurer.

The son of an 18th century tenant farmer, Thomas Lighton left this island to seek his fortune — a journey that took him to India and the Far East before his return to 22 St. Stephen’s Green.

At Floritz, global influences combine to create an exciting menu that reflects that original adventurer’s experience — one of pleasure in a fascinating range of flavours that, centuries later, guests in his home can appreciate and enjoy, just as he did.

When Thomas Lighton first travelled to join the East India Company, he discovered a remarkable gift for languages that made him an invaluable interpreter and a trusted and relied-upon voice.

On his return he built the townhouse that now houses Floritz, and would have been familiar with so many flavours, accents and ideas that were radically different from those he grew up with, and would have astonished his friends at home at the time.

You could put him into this room today though, and he would probably feel quite comfortable. 

Floritz is an invitation to travel far, far away without leaving this dramatic dining-room.

The food at Floritz is a selection of small and larger plates, served as they are ready, many of which are ideal to share. Some are warm, others served cold, and dishes feature exceptional global ingredients as well as some of this island’s finest produce, all executed under the careful eye of chef Matt Fuller and his team. From crudo and sushi to skewers, bowls, wagyu and dishes from the hibachi grill, layered with exotic influences, Asian accents and far-away flavours, this is a menu full of punchy, bold and fresh food, perfect for the adventurous and designed to be explored.

To complement the food, there is a thoughtful and wide-ranging wine list put together by Victor Nedelea, and an interesting drinks menu of creative, contemporary cocktails, sake and Japanese whiskey from Jain Ananth.

At Floritz, there are tables for two, cosy booths and banquettes, all anchored by an impressive new central bar, with mirrored elements, lush plants and botanical patterns, to make a luxe, vivid and lavish impression. Designed by the team at Project Orange, the multi-award winning architecture and interiors studio, this is a flamboyant destination venue swathed in imagery, planting and colour that reflects its glorious setting overlooking St. Stephen’s Green.