Cork International Hotel has appointed a new executive chef who is focused on increasing the kitchen’s eco-friendly practices.

Paul Ryan, a native of Mallow in Co Cork, has more than 20 years of expertise in hotels, restaurants and airports where he developed dishes for business and first-class airline catering.  He was also involved in driving new business in the beef sector in the Middle East and the Maldives.

Sustainability is at the heart of the food produced by the team of chefs at The Cork International Hotel and Paul wants to continue and further develop this ethos.

Paul Ryan said: “Sustainability in the kitchen is paramount. It’s about sourcing ingredients responsibly, minimising waste and embracing eco-friendly practices. From supporting local farmers to utilising seasonal produce, every decision impacts our planet’s health. As chefs, we have a duty to preserve the environment for future generations while creating unforgettable culinary experiences.  Keep the air miles for the holidays!”

Paul is hoping to bring his experience in coordinating management activities in large scale Food & Beverage operations to the team at Cork International Hotel.  He has spent time working in the Middle East, Russia and Chicago in the USA.

Paul says much of his inspiration and passion for food is related to his family background. “Slow cooking, family style has been my muse since I first set foot in the kitchen.  With three decades of cheffing coursing through my veins, it’s more than a career – it’s a legacy.  My family’s culinary heritage fuels my passion, infusing every dish I create with tradition, innovation, and love. From the comforting aromas that fill the kitchen to the hearty flavours that bring loved ones together, each slow-cooked creation is a tribute to my roots and a testament to the enduring allure of the culinary arts.”

Paul wants to enhance the culinary offerings at the Cork International Hotel through innovative menus that embrace sustainability.  It’s his mission to ensure all meals leave a lasting impression on every visitor. He also wants to make sure every team member has a chance to grow and develop their skills. “People development is at the core of my ethos as a chef. I foster a culture of continuous learning, providing mentorship, and empowering my team to grow professionally and personally. Through hands-on training, constructive feedback and opportunities for advancement, I cultivate a collaborative environment where each individual can thrive and contribute to our collective success.”