Kajjal Malahide is renowned for its authentic Pakistani cuisine, exquisite cocktails, and unmatched hospitality. As a staple of South Asian culinary excellence in Malahide for nearly two decades, the restaurant is embarking on a new chapter under Deputy Manager Azaan Muhammad. With a rich background in hospitality and leadership, Azaan is poised to enhance Kajjal’s legacy alongside Dublin’s vibrant restaurant scene.

Influenced by his father Samer’s successful tenure as General Manager, Azaan embarked on his hospitality journey with Kinara Group in 2016. Committed to upholding his father’s ethos of guest satisfaction, Azaan leads his team to deliver exceptional service and dining experiences.

Since his appointment, Azaan has embraced the evolving dynamics of the hospitality sector, aiming to innovate while preserving Kajjal’s authenticity. His passion for hospitality and traditional Pakistani dishes, particularly the signature Butter Chicken, drives his vision for the restaurant’s future.

Reflecting on his role, Azaan shares, “The beauty of this position lies in the constant journey of learning and evolution. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities, which significantly contribute to both my personal growth and my professional advancement. It’s a privilege to blend innovation with tradition, ensuring every guest’s experience is memorable. This balance is not only rewarding but deeply enriching.”