Echo Water has been offering its hospitality and corporate customers a comprehensive range of premium water filtration systems since 2014. MD Gerard Beshoff talks to Hotel & Catering Review about the growing importance of sustainability and evolving with a changing market

How do filtration systems from Echo Water help hospitality businesses in terms of cost savings and revenue generation?

The Echo systems work as an alternative to traditional bottled water. Our superior filtration provides our clients with a premium filtered water which they in turn offer to their customers. Onsite filtration lessens product costs, allowing businesses to offer this top quality water at an unbeatable price. The systems also eliminate the need for refrigeration, stock orders, shelf space and deliveries. In addition, the reusable glass bottles eliminate single use plastic or glass waste disposal and the costs associated with this. All of that equates to huge savings, both financially and in terms of environmental impact.

How important is sustainability to Echo Water? From your interaction with customers, how important is sustainability to them?

We are increasingly finding that sustainability is an area of focus for our customers. There is a significant interest in corporate responsibility, with an emphasis on reducing any negative impacts on the environment. Clients are looking for new or alternative solutions that demonstrate their commitment to being more sustainable and the Echo systems offer this in terms of efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and overall environmental impact. We have always promoted the sustainability benefits of the Echo Water systems and this is why we invested in our new Calculator tool for demonstrating the actual benefits in terms of carbon emissions.

How has your product offering evolved with the changing market?

With a proven track record when it comes to delivering cost savings, revenue generation and sustainability the Echo brand has gone from strength to strength. We have increased our presence across the whole of Ireland and the UK and thanks to our relationship-led, quality service and our range of innovative products, we have also grown our client base. Our innovation and willingness to work with customers to deliver bespoke solutions has resulted in us developing and manufacturing new products, unique to Echo Water. One example is our Fresh Fruit & Herb Infuser systems, which are now installed across a number of client sites in Ireland and the UK. Our years of experience have also identified additional and or alternative product requirements, expanding our
range further.

How do your systems differ to similar products on the market?

As mentioned above, our Fresh Fruit & Herb Infusers system is something we developed and manufactured based on a brief from one of our clients. Since then, this system has become popular across a number of markets and is unique in design and manufacture and only available from Echo Water. Our commitment to our clients in terms of product quality, service, support and our willingness to develop new bespoke solutions to suit their specific needs is something we have always felt sets us apart.

What is the aim of the carbon calculator? Is it available to all customers?

The carbon calculator allows us to measure the environmental impact of Echo Water products and processes against a conventional bottled water model. The assessment places a particular focus on the reduction of Scope 3 emissions, right through the lifecycle of the product and its use. This allows us to calculate an Echo Water customers’ carbon and environmental savings based on their profile of water usage and as such, providing third party validation. The calculator tool is available to all customers; we understand that environmental impact and sustainability of their own products and processes is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, by being first to the market with this innovative calculator, we’re clearly demonstrating Echo Water’s own sustainability commitment and our efforts to support our clients in reducing their environmental impacts.

What are the ambitions for the company?

To continue to develop. We always say it’s a question of when and not if. We pride ourselves on our level of service, our innovation in new product development and bringing the newest water dispense solutions to our clients.

How has Covid affected the business?

Hospitality has been severely impacted and this would make up a significant part of our customer base. We have supported our customers throughout this difficult period by suspending any charges where businesses were unable to operate due to enforced closures. In addition, we introduced new hands-free and contact-less pouring solutions to help customers reduce shared touch points and the spread of infection. But we look to the future positively; we have all had to adapt and cope with Covid, but we do see light at the end of the tunnel and are looking forward to a healthy and prosperous future.

Echo Water – in a nutshell

Our Sustainability Commitment

Offers audited carbon emissions offsets to customers through measuring the environmental impact of Echo Water product and process against a conventional water bottle model and their carbon and environmental savings.

Our quality is supreme

Our ultra filtration system is unique in filtering water no fewer than three times to remove metals, odours, germs and other contaminants. The result is a uniquely pure product of superior quality.

Our taste is unique

The result of our superior filtration system is a uniquely pure product with a distinctively fresh taste. Our still water is fresh, crisp and cool while our sparkling water has a smaller, softer bubble designed to be more pleasing on the palate.

Our value is unbeatable

A superior product at an affordable price! Onsite filtration lessens product costs, allowing businesses to offer this top quality water at an unbeatable price.