Award-winning artisanal beverages from Fentimans are hand-crafted using the finest natural ingredients from all around the world. To create a superior taste and wonderful mouth feel, Fentimans makes its drinks using the time-honoured botanical brewing technique. This traditional process takes a full seven days to make a Fentimans beverage. The original Fentimans recipe took the finest ginger root which was bruised, crushed and milled. The ginger was then placed in copper steam-jacketed pans containing spring water and gradually heated to simmering point. This induced the release and extraction of fine ginger sediment and a flavoursome botanical extract. The Botanical liquid was then filtered into a wooden vat. The finest herbs, natural flavouring, sugar and brewer’s yeast were added to the botanical extract and the liquid was thoroughly stirred. The live liquid was then left to ferment in the wooden fermentation vat and the live ginger beer was then decanted from the wooden vat into the iconic stone jars, known affectionately as ‘Grey Hens’. Here, it came up to condition and was ready to drink within a week. It’s this traditional botanical brewing process that produces the depth of flavour, mouth feel and rich texture which today are the hallmark of Fentimans drinks. This is the Fentimans way which has stood the test of time – with the knowledge and expertise being passed from generation to generation of the Fentiman’s family. The result is a superior-tasting natural range of beverages which can be enjoyed straight from the bottle.

Fentimans soft drinks, which are vegan and gluten free, are available in a range of flavours; from Rose Lemonade to the classic Curiosity Cola, there’s something there for all tastes. The Hollows Alcoholic Ginger Beer, which is sweetened with a hint of pear juice and spiced with Chinese ginger root, is aromatic and refreshingly smooth. Made by its signature serve, with a dash of Angostura bitters and a slice of lime, it’s a surefire way to set your establishment apart from the crowd. Available in 750ml and 275ml glass bottles as well as 250ml cans there is a solution for every venue type.