19th June 2020: As the country begins to re-open, Actavo Events has launched a new service and offering to equip, support and advise Irish businesses in the hospitality and retail sector to re-open, while remaining fully compliant with social distancing guidelines. The ‘re-opening business packages’ is a controlled and measured approach that will enable employers, workforces, and clients to return to the workplace, in a manner that will protect their safety and well-being.

Actavo Events is offering a fit-for-purpose solution to businesses in the hospitality sector that is set to re-open at the end of June. With reduced capacity and table spacing, the company is providing premises with fully covered structures suitable for converting carparks into seating areas to maximise seating capacity. The expert team is also supplying and installing Thermoscan Smart Technology with temperature checks that allow for face mask real-time detection, time and attendance, and turnstile management through near-field communication (NFC).

Paul Griffin, Commercial Director of Actavo Events said: “Actavo Events has developed a comprehensive range of ‘re-opening business packages’ that will enable businesses in the hospitality sector to re-open to the public in line with the phases outlined by the Government. The aim is to enable companies to adapt to the changing environment and operate under the current guidelines for the sector. The team has extensive insight and experience to deliver this service and provide the infrastructure that is compliant with social distancing.”

In terms of the delivery of its ‘Re-opening Business Packages’, the Actavo Event’s team are working closely with Government, statutory/sporting bodies, construction/education/hospitality/retail, sectors, tech, and pharma companies, along with the events industry across Ireland and the UK. The company’s skill set and experience are enabling it to pivot its event knowledge and infrastructure to execute a prompt turnaround on behalf of businesses.

The Workplace package includes workstations and training facilities that are designed and delivered to the client’s requirements while ensuring Covid-19 compliance & a safe working environment.

The Business package includes perimeter fencing; queuing system; signage gantry; a point of entry thermal screening; contactless hand sanitiser; branding and signage.