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“In times like this, we couldn’t wait up to six weeks for our energy bills. We had to act quickly.”

As the Covid 19 restrictions came into force over the last few weeks, many businesses have had to change or pause their business operations. Some decisions have been hard but made for the right public health reasons.

One sector that has had to slow its day to day business is the hotel sector over the last few weeks. Whilst not asked to close completely there have been huge restrictions on their businesses. Public areas like bars and restaurants have had to close and overnight accommodation is now only available in some hotels in limited circumstances.

Pinergy, the smart energy company, has been working with its clients in the hotel and catering industry to support them in this difficult time, ensuring they are managing their energy consumption in the most efficient manner.  Two of Pinergy’s hotel clients, The Midlands Park Hotel and Riverside Park Hotel in Portlaoise and Wexford respectively, have seen not only the benefits of being supplied by 100% Certified Green Electricity but also the benefits of being able to access Pinergy’s smart energy technology solutions for business.

“As the restrictions have been announced over the last few weeks, thanks to our smart metering technology, we have been in a better position than most businesses to better understand our energy consumption. We have been able to understand where and when we are using electricity and shut down appliances and devices to reduce cost and better manage our cashflow,” said Conor Reynolds, Financial Controller of Neville Park Hotels.


He added: “As a business, seeing your energy consumption means that we can make changes quickly, and better manage cashflow. We’re not waiting around for a bill.”

Colm Foley, Energy Advisor at Pinergy said: “Since the restrictions came in, we have been working with our commercial clients like the Neville Park Hotels to help them understand their electricity consumption and make any changes quickly. Businesses shouldn’t have to wait around for a bill in four to six weeks’ time, when they need to act quickly.”

He continued: “At Pinergy, we are encouraging all our business customers to visit their smart energy portal and see how their business and property portfolio is using its electricity. There may be unseen devices using electricity that you might only be able to see now, as businesses have paused or scaled back operations.”

Pinergy empowers business owners in the Hotel and Catering sector to manage, monitor and reduce their energy consumption. By seeing what a business is using every 30 minutes, businesses can understand where and when they are using electricity and make changes. Pinergy supplies energy to and advises a number of hotels, cafés and catering businesses on their needs across the country. In normal trading conditions, businesses can typically reduce their energy consumption by around 15% in their first year with Pinergy.