Fire safety. It’s something that should be at the top of every operations or general manager’s mind but for most, their legal obligations may provide more headaches than reassurances. Despite a slew of fire-related incidents making the headlines recently, fire safety is something that often comes well down the list of many managers’ priorities.
“We’ve met with managers who roll their eyes whenever the topic is broached. They don’t realise that fire checks are actually a task which can be completed without expending much effort and time,” says Stephen Norman, one of the team at My Ez Fire Check, a new app designed to make fire safety procedures as easy as possible while keeping companies compliant with fire safety regulations.
“There’s a certain fear around fire checks and we understand that, particularly when you factor in the amount of paperwork required to keep the traditional fire register in order. Add in the time and manpower needed to carry them out and follow up on any issues and the checks can often be considered a drain on a company’s resources.”
“Media reports and our own research show that many businesses are struggling with their fire safety obligations,” adds Padraig Muldoon, Stephen’s colleague in the marketing department. “My Ez Fire Check is such a great solution.”
The My EZ Fire Check app saves businesses both time and money when it comes to fire checks. The system is completely paperless. All checks are conducted using a mobile device that is preloaded with proprietary software. Once the checks are completed and signed off, the data is timestamped and stored in the cloud. This means that files can be accessed instantly if and when they are needed. The software is formatted to issue reminders and will send alerts if checks are missed. Combined, all of these features drastically reduce the amount of admin required to stay on top of fire safety obligations.
Lack of time and knowledge are two of the biggest issues My Ez Fire Check is seeing with customers. “Many hotel and bar managers are run off their feet with a seemingly endless amount of day-to-day tasks. Quite often, fire checks can be seen as a problem for another day,” said Stephen. “However, they needn’t ever be a problem. Our benefits include increased accountability and efficiency, risk reduction and an elimination of paperwork. Not only can it help staff get about their day more productively, it also gives owners and management the added reassurance that all items were checked at the correct time.” This is made possible through My Ez Fire Check’s use of tag technology. Checklist items will only be checked off when the device scans the tag located in a specific physical location.
So far, reaction to the new innovation has been extremely positive. “Everyone we’ve spoken with has been really interested, especially once they’ve seen the app in action. We’re already working with well-known names in the bar and hotel industry including the Charlie Chawke Group, the Camden Court Hotel and parts of the Press Up Group. Only recently we met with reps of a nationwide retail brand,” says Padraig. “We’ve just updated our website (www.myezfirecheck.com) and the analytics data shows that there’s demand for the product across the board.”