After three years of research, Mr Crumb has launched Invisible Chef, a very timely range of “cook and serve in pack” snacks which includes burritos, breakfast muffins, croque monsieurs and filled paninis. With Invisible Chef, the award-winning artisan company is responding to the needs of a very different, post-lockdown hospitality industry. “The new range actually came to market in January but because of the pandemic, it’s only coming to the fore now. Thanks to the range’s unique pack technology, it’s ideal for post-lockdown re-openings,” said Jason Coyle, Company Director at Mr Crumb. That technology allows products to be cooked in the pack across multiple devices, unlike other “cook in pack” products which can only be cooked on one. Products only take two minutes to cook in combi ovens, ovens and panini grills and stay hot for up to 90 minutes, making them a perfect replacement for buffet breakfasts in hotels. They also have a three day chilled shelf life. To minimise waste, the Invisible Chef range is supplied frozen; the user tempers the product, cooks it and serves it in the packaging. “That means that at the point of serving, the consumer or guest can be sure that no-one has touched the product. That peace of mind is a key advantage of the new range, even more so in today’s post-lockdown environment,” said Jason. The range is aimed at hotels, cafes, coffee shops and pubs. “In order to open, pubs will have to serve food along with drinks. With Invisible Chef, we’ve provided a cost-effective, fast and extremely tasty solution to that problem.” Invisible Chef is available nationwide, Contact the Mr. Crumb sales team on 00353 43 6681148 or email [email protected]