Palms Manager – Aden Adde International Airport (MIA), Moqdishu, Somalia

The Palms Hotel is a new development being constructed for international clients requiring the most secure and updated residential standards required by the UN and other international organisations working in conflict environments.


1. Planning and organising accommodation, catering and other camp services;
2. Assisting in promoting and marketing the business;
3. Managing budgets and financial plans, as well as controlling expenditure;
4. Maintaining statistical and financial records;
5. Analysing sales figures and devising revenue management strategies;
6. Supervising, training and monitoring staff;
7. Planning work schedules for individuals and teams;
8. Meeting and greeting customers;
9. Dealing with customer complaints and comments;
10. Addressing problems and troubleshooting;
11. Ensuring events and conferences run smoothly;
12. Supervising maintenance, supplies, renovations and furnishings;
13. Dealing with contractors and suppliers;
14. Ensuring rooms/residence security is effective;
15. Carrying out inspections of property and services;
16. Ensuring compliance with health and safety and other statutory regulations.
17. Any other duties as required.

Team Make Up:
You will be part of a 39 person team that will include another manager of the same background and qualifications. The team will consist of East African cleaners (12), waiters (4), chefs (4), laundry (4) security (10), Camp Supervisor (English nationality) and 2 hotel managers. The position is based in the Moqdishu International Airport (MIA), the green zone for international personnel in Moqdishu. The condition of service is for 2 years. The company will provide all flights, accommodation, meals, laundry, work permits, life and health insurance, and relevant security, internet access and team support. Service rotation is 2 months on duty and 14 days off which include travel days. Flights by Turkish Airways from Moqdishu through Istanbul. Remuneration is 3000 usd per month. The employee is responsible for their own home taxes. The camp will host upwards of 80 international clients per day and 39 staff, and will supply all and full life support for all clients 24/7, 365 days, for the duration of the contract. It is a restricted environment but there are daily opportunities for swimming (airport on sea), cycling, running, tennis, virtual golf, basketball, walking and your own entertainment (very important). Social interaction is limited and staff are required to interact professionally with the clientele at all times.

Potential Start Date: November 2017

You will need to have:
1. A friendly personality and a genuine desire to help and please others;
2. The ability to think clearly and make quick decisions;
3. Numeracy and logistical planning skills;
4. A professional manner and a calm, rational approach in hectic situations;
5. The ability to balance customer and business priorities;
6. Flexibility and a ‘can do’ mentality;
7. Energy and patience;
8. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, especially when dealing with speakers of other languages.
9. Adventurous outlook.

1. Hotel and Hospitality Management Qualification.
2. Minimum 2 years hotel experience.
3. Some previous experience working abroad.

Further details to be provided during interviews. Please remit CV to [email protected]